What is Receipt Radar?

A brand new feature to the Gener8 App, Receipt Radar will help you automatically earn points from your e-receipts 🥳. This integration allows you to earn even more points from your online purchases by simply linking your Gmail account to Gener8. Once connected, you'll be instantly rewarded for each receipt 🎉.

The magic of Receipt Radar is that it can figure out if an email is a receipt or not, without even taking a look at what’s inside!

How do we do this? Well, we use some super-smart techniques to identify two basic details:

🛍Which retailer sent the email

📩What’s in the subject line

That’s it!

🎯 How does this work?

Get started: Link your email account to Gener8

  • Select 'Continue with Google' and sign in to your Gmail account (if you don't have a Gmail account, click another email provider to be notified when they're available!)

  • Once you've selected 'accept permissions' and connected your account, Receipt Radar will scan for e-receipts from selected merchants.

    ⏰ The first scan may take up to 10 minutes

🪄 Receipt Radar works its magic every 24 hours

You can select 'Check for new receipts' at any point but once you're connected, Receipt Radar will automatically scan for e-receipts every 24 hours 🙌.

Receipt Radar scans for e-receipts from selected retailers.

⚙️ Can I deactivate Receipt Radar?

You sure can (although you'll miss out on earning extra Gener8 points 🥹)!

To deactivate, select the settings ⚙️ button in the top right corner of the Gener8 App and tap 'Remove'. Once deactivated, you won't lose any points previously earned from Receipt Radar but it will stop scanning for e-receipts and you'll automatically stop earning points.

📧 Can I add more than one email account?

Right now, you can connect one Gmail account at any one time. However, if you do want to earn from more than one Gmail account you can remove the account and add another account to maximise your earnings.

📧 When will other email providers be available on Receipt Radar?

We are currently in the process of expanding our email providers and adding support for Outlook, Yahoo and other providers. Keep an eye on our updates and we'll let you know when the new feature is available.

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