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Getting started: Gener8 Browser
Getting started: Gener8 Browser

Like frequent flyer miles for the internet πŸ›«

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To get the ultimate Gener8 experience (and to earn even more points πŸ€‘) make sure you download the Gener8 Browser onto your desktop πŸ–₯.

At the moment, the Gener8 Browser is only available to download on Windows and macOS. If the Gener8 Browser isn't compatible with your device yet, no sweat! πŸ˜… You can still use our Gener8 Extension to earn points for your everyday browsing πŸ™Œ.

What is the Gener8 Browser?

The Gener8 Browser enables you to browse the web in a cleaner, faster and more rewarding way.

Using the Gener8 Browser, you have two modes that you can toggle between, Rewards Mode and Privacy Mode:

πŸ™Œ Rewards Mode

In Rewards Mode we create value from your data, through advertising, surveys, and smart tracking. We then share this value back with you via Gener8 points which you can use to redeem Gener8 Rewards. We anonymise your personal data and attribute a randomly generated alphanumeric identifier so that no one, (including us!), will ever know that it relates to you.

🀫 Privacy Mode

In Privacy Mode, we prevent thousands of third-party tracking and advertising companies from tracking you. We remove (almost) all of the advertising you would usually see online for a cleaner, faster browsing experience. Our filter lists contain blocking rules for tens of thousands of websites and are updated daily.

You can switch between the modes based on your browsing preferences.

Other Gener8 Browser features:

  • Faster browsing experience πŸš€ no ads = faster, cleaner browsing

  • Sidebar 🎨 : Customise your browser with a handy sidebar. Get speedy access to websites and tabs without having to open a new tab or window!

  • Add any extension from the Chrome Web Store βœ… The Gener8 Browser is built using chromium code (it works a lot like Google Chrome, only Gener8 is faster πŸ˜‰), so you'll be able to add any extension on the Chrome Web Store with a click of a 'Add to Gener8' button πŸ–±.

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