Once you've downloaded the Gener8 Browser you'll have to set up an account to make the most of Rewards and Privacy Mode. You'll be able to set up an account easily via;

  • Facebook

  • Google

  • Twitter

  • Email

Simply select which login option you prefer best to set up an account with.

Then we give the power back to you with the choice of Rewards or Privacy mode.

Next, if you've opted into Rewards mode we need to know a little bit about your preferences to help us tailor the adverts you see so advertisers can more accurately ensure can target their messages to you so you can be rewarded.

We will only show you ads based on the preferences you set up during onboarding. as brands pay to show you what you're interested in. By completing your preference you will see ads based on what you like and you'll earn quicker because of it.

Once you are fully set up there is also an option for further refining your choices available under your Preferences page.

Then we will give you a quick glimpse into the Gener8 Marketplace but don't worry there are plenty more exclusive offers, tech products, digital vouchers and charities that you can also donate to using your Gener8 points.

Congratulations you've fully set up your Gener8 account, happy browsing!

And remember if you've signed up via mobile make sure to check your email account with instructions to get fully set up on the Gener8 Browser.

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