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Earn with App Time (Android)
Earn with App Time (Android)

Earn from your everyday app usage on the Gener8 App (Android only)

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What is App Time?

A brand new feature exclusive to users using the Gener8 App on Android, App Time allows you to earn each day by simply using your phone apps πŸ₯³.

Once you complete the App Time setup, you'll be rewarded points for your app usage πŸ™Œ. App usage includes the duration and how often you use an app, that's it! ⏱

🎯 How does this work?

All you need to do is give Gener8 app permissions and watch the points roll in 😎.

πŸ’‘ App Time will only connect when you're charging your device and connected to WiFi so that it doesn't eat up your battery or your data plan πŸ”‹βš‘οΈ.

Step 1: Update the Gener8 App to version 1.21.0 πŸ“±

Step 2: Tap on the 'Earn' tab πŸ‘†

Step 3: Look out for App Time and select to set up (and earn a quick 'n' easy 10 Gener8 points πŸŽ‰)

Step 4: You'll need to drop into your phone settings to give the Gener8 App permission and turn on 'Allow usage access'

Once you're all set up, each time you’re charging your device and connected to WiFi, you’ll unlock brand new insights and those points will keep ticking over β°πŸ™Œ

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