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Control with Clean My Inbox (Gener8 App)
Control with Clean My Inbox (Gener8 App)
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What is Clean My Inbox?

Clean My Inbox allows you to easily organise and clean up your email inbox. Get ready to dust out those spam emails and declutter your main inbox thanks to this beautiful new feature πŸ§ΉπŸ“§.

After connecting your email account, Clean My Inbox provides recommendations of senders to remove from your main inbox and file away neatly into a labelled folder - so you can focus on the important stuff πŸ™Œ.

🎯 How does this work?

Get started: Link your email account to Gener8

  • Select 'Continue with Google' and sign in to your Gmail account (if you don't have a Gmail account, click another email provider to be notified when they're available!)

  • Once you've selected 'accept permissions' and connected your account, Clean My Inbox will scan and find suggestions to remove from your main inbox.

    ⏰ The first scan may take up to 10 minutes!

🧹 What happens when I toggle off a sender?

Once the scan is complete, Clean My Inbox will display all mailing lists found. When you toggle the sender 'off', Gener8 will declutter your main inbox by moving these to a new labelled folder called 'Gener8 - Clean My Inbox' βœ….

These emails won't be deleted (and we won't unsubscribe you from the mailing lists), so you'll still be able to find the emails should you want to!

Toggling the sender back 'on' will undo this and all the emails in the label will be returned to your main inbox πŸ‘Œ.

❎ Can I remove or switch email accounts?

Right now, you can only connect one email account at any time so you won't be able to switch between multiple accounts.

To deactivate Clean My Inbox, select the settings βš™οΈ button in the top right corner of the Gener8 App and tap 'Remove'. Once deactivated, we'll remove all filtering and labelling and your email account will be restored to its original state.

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