How to reset the Safari Extension on iOS
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If you've noticed that you've stopped earning points or you've seen this message on your 'My Safari data' points activity πŸ‘‡ you might need to reset your Safari extension...

How to reset the Gener8 Rewards Safari extension:

  • Open up the Safari browser on your phone πŸ“±

  • In the search bar at the bottom, select 'aA'

  • From the pop-up box, select 'Manage Extensions'

  • Toggle Gener8 off and on, then make sure you leave it on! πŸ‘Œ

  • Set permissions 'Always allow' βœ…

If you're still not earning from the Safari extension, check your iPhone settings to ensure that you have the correct permissions βœ…

  1. Visit your iPhone settings

  2. Search for Safari > Extensions

  3. Click 'Content Blocker'

  4. If Gener8 Rewards is turned 'Off' click on it and toggle it 'On'

If after completing these steps you're not seeing an increase in your Gener8 Points while browsing on your mobile Safari browser, drop us a message at [email protected]! πŸ“§

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