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If you like to group your tabs clap your hands πŸ‘πŸ‘... and if you don't here's how to turn it off

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If your browser bar is cluttered with many, many open tabs you might just benefit from a new feature to the Gener8 Browser - tabs auto-grouping 😎

This new feature will automatically group your tabs based on the site host. So if you're prone to opening lots of articles in new tabs on say, the BBC website, auto-grouping will collect all those BBC articles and group them together.

You can then minimise the collection so it doesn't clutter up your browser bar and then maximise the group tab when you're ready to browse the news.

It's an opt-in setting but if you do find you've changed your mind and you want out, it's really simple to turn off πŸ‘Œ

How to turn off tabs autogrouping

  1. Visit your browser settings

  2. On the left panel, make sure you've selected 'Appearance'

3. If you want to opt out of auto-grouping, make sure you toggle off 'Automatically group tabs based on the site host'

And that's it! Easy peasy 😎

If you like the idea of grouping tabs, but you want to decide how they're grouped, check out one of our recent blog posts ✍️

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