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Earn with the Gener8 Safari extension (iOS)
Earn with the Gener8 Safari extension (iOS)
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Earning with Gener8 Safari Extension (iPhone users)

If you’re using the Gener8 app on an iPhone, you can earn more Gener8 points passively by adding the Gener8 Safari Extension to your mobile browser 🎉🥳

To get started with the Gener8 Safari Extension, select to set up and click ‘Let's Go’. You will be redirected to some super easy, quick instructions that should get you set up and earning in no time 👌.

💡Make sure that the Gener8 Extension is toggled on and that you've allowed permissions by selecting 'Always allow' and 'Always allow on every website'. No permissions, no points!

Need more help? Contact us at [email protected] 📩

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