There are many awesome extensions out there that can help give you a better browsing experience (not just Gener8 πŸ‘Œ). The Chrome Web Store is great because it hosts nearly 200,000 extensions that can help with productivity, accessibility, shopping and more πŸ™Œ.

The Gener8 Browser is built using the same building blocks as Chrome (using chromium-based source code) which means you can easily access and add your favourite extensions to your Gener8 Browser too!

How to add extensions from the CWS to the Gener8 Browser

1 - Visit the Chrome Web Store

2 - Find your favourite extensions

3 - Click 'Add to Gener8' πŸŽ‰

4 - You can revisit your extensions by visiting gener8://extensions/. Make sure that the extensions you want to use on a daily basis are toggled on βœ…

It really is as simple as that πŸ‘Œ.

Remember, make sure the extensions you choose are from a trusted source and check out their T&Cs before you add them to your browser!

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