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Getting started: Gener8 Extension
Getting started: Gener8 Extension

How to install the Gener8 Extension to Google Chrome and other browsers

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Since launching the Gener8 Extension, we've built our very own Gener8 Browser to create an even more rewarding and personalised browsing experience 😎. If you'd like to try out the Gener8 Browser instead, click here to get started!

The Gener8 extension is still available to many chromium-based browsers including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and more. Follow the steps below to get started ✊

How to install the Gener8 Extension on Chrome

  1. Visit the Gener8 website πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»

  2. Select 'Add Gener8 to Chrome' πŸ–±

  3. You'll then be redirected to the Chrome Web Store. Click 'Add to Chrome' πŸ‘Œ

4. Follow the steps to create your Gener8 account! 🀘

What next?

1. Make sure you have the Gener8 Extension pinned to your toolbar πŸ“Œ

🧩 That little puzzle piece icon there, holds your extensions.

πŸ–±Click on the puzzle piece and simply select the pin icon to fix Gener8 to your browser toolbar

2. Gain access to Gener8 Rewards by using the Gener8 Extension for 5 consecutive days πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»

You can spend the points you earn in Rewards mode on Gener8 Rewards πŸ›. To gain access to Rewards, all you have to do is add the Gener8 extension to your browser, create an account and set up your profile. Once this has been completed, use the Gener8 extension for 5 days in a row and you’ll automatically be granted access to rewards πŸŽ‰

3. Invite your friends to join Gener8 and boost your points balance πŸš€

Help us spread the word! You'll receive a bonus of 50 points when your first friend signs up and becomes verified and 10 points for every friend after that. If you’re not sure if your friends are verified yet, check out this article for more information 😎.

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