How do I import my passwords?

How to import passwords from Google Chrome

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After you have downloaded the Gener8 Browser, the first page that you see will take you through an onboarding process. Here, you'll find the first steps to import your passwords πŸ”.
If you have already downloaded the browser and skipped this step, then don't worry. Here's how you can import your passwords in less than 30 seconds! πŸ‘Œ

Please note: Importing passwords from Safari and Microsoft Edge is not yet available on the Gener8 Browser, but this feature will be coming very soon!

How to import passwords

  1. Open up the Gener8 Browser and visit your browser settings

2. Click on 'Import bookmarks and settings' and select 'Saved passwords' from an alternative browser

3. Gener8 will then confirm that your password settings are ready. Click 'Done' βœ…

4. It's as easy as that! πŸ™Œ

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