Earn with my Amazon data

Earn from your Amazon data on Android devices

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We've recently put a pause ⏸ on the Amazon data share feature while we work on improving it. You can still earn from your Amazon receipts through Receipt Radar, so if you haven't connected yet, check it out and boost your points balance!πŸš€

Hold tight while we work on a fix! πŸ› 

This feature is currently only available to Android users πŸ“²

This is only the first version of the app, so we will be adding more data sources as we go so that you can earn even more πŸ™Œ.

How to earn with my Amazon data

Want to boost your points balance fast? πŸš€

Connect and share your Amazon order history and earn Gener8 points to spend on your favourite rewards πŸ™Œ

πŸ“² To get started, you'll need to connect to your Amazon account and sign in.

Once you've signed in, we'll speak to Amazon and request all the data they hold on you from them.

πŸ” This is COMPLETELY anonymous. When you choose to request your data, it is saved locally to your device.

None of this data leaves your device until you give your express permission for it to do so πŸ‘Œ.

⏰ Your first request won't take too long but if you're an avid Amazon shopper it might take a little longer the first time around... think of all the potential Gener8 points!

πŸ€‘ Once your data is ready to go, you can choose to share it with Gener8 in exchange for points to spend on rewards, or you can even select what you want to share.

Need more help? Contact us at [email protected] πŸ“©

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