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Getting started with your new money-saving sidekick 🧞

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Gener8 Genie

What is Gener8 Genie?

Gener8 Genie is a free browser extension that will automatically search for the best deals and offer codes on over 35,000 of your favourite online retailers 🧞‍♂️ 🛒.

How do I add Gener8 Genie to my browser?

Gener8 Genie is available to chromium-based web browsers, including the Gener8 Browser, Google Chrome, Vivaldi, Microsoft Edge, Opera and more 🥳.

How to add Genie to the Gener8 Browser:

If you use the Gener8 Browser, Genie will automatically be installed into your Gener8 Browser 🙌.

How to add Genie to Google Chrome, Vivaldi, Microsoft Edge and Opera:

  1. Click 'Add to *your browser*'

After you’ve installed Genie from the Chrome Web Store, make sure you pin the extension to your browser so you don’t miss out on any deals!💸

At the moment, Genie is unavailable to browsers that do not support extensions for the Chrome Web Store, such as Safari and Firefox. If Genie isn’t available on your current browser and you’d like to try it out, it’s never too late to switch to the Gener8 Browser 👀.

How do I pin Gener8 Genie to my toolbar?

Pin Genie in the Gener8 Browser:

On Gener8 Browser, Genie will be automatically pinned to your toolbar - so you won't have to lift a finger📍

Pin Genie in Google Chrome:

To make sure you never miss out on a discount, you’ll need to make sure that the Genie extension is pinned to your browser bar. Here’s how:

🧩 This little puzzle piece icon there, holds your extensions.

🖱Click on the puzzle piece, and a popout window will appear with your installed extensions

📌 To pin an extension to the browser bar, simply select the pin icon

How does Gener8 Genie work?

How do I know if Genie has found an offer code?

When you visit a website for the first time, Genie will send you a notification in the top right corner, from here you can view available offers for the site.

When you return to a website that you’ve previously visited, Genie won’t bother you with another notification. Instead, Genie’s extension icon will change from grey to purple. The little 9 in the corner of the icon? That’s how many offer codes Genie has found for you 🎉.

You can click on the Genie extension icon to reveal the popout window and scroll through the offers available 😎

How do I use an offer code that Genie has found?

1. Copy code

Simply click on ‘Copy Code’ or the copy to clipboard icon 📋

2. Paste code

Paste the offer code into the promo code field ✅

3. Apply code

Apply your code at checkout to see your savings! 🎉

OR use the magical cosmic power of Genie and try the autofill feature 🧞✨

If the site you’re visiting supports autofill, you’ll get a notification saying 'Try Codes' at the checkout page. Click ‘Try Codes’ and let Genie automatically find and apply the offers for you 🙌 .

This feature is live for selected retailers right now, but we will roll it out to more websites as we go 🎉.

Want to test out the autofill feature? Check out these websites to see what deals Genie can automatically apply to your shopping basket 🛒🧞‍♂️

What websites does Genie work with?

Genie searches for deals across thousands of your favourite websites, including ASOS, Ocado, Uniqlo, and many more! 🙌 We do our best to source as many promo codes as possible but they come and go quickly

Can’t find any offers on your favourite website? Don’t worry, more will be added to Genie’s search list on a regular basis 🧞‍♂️.

Is Genie free to use?

Yes! 🥳 Gener8 Genie is your new money-saving sidekick and is completely free to use.

Why didn’t my offer code work?

Oh no! Sometimes promo codes are conditional and have certain terms and conditions. The offer might be limited to a certain product, have a minimum spend or you may need to be a new customer to redeem it.

On certain offers, Genie will let you know if the promo codes have any terms, like this offer below ⬇️

Some codes do expire, but we will do our best to remove these where we can. We want Genie to be the best money-saving sidekick around, so if you do find an expired code, you can help us improve by letting us know [email protected] 📧

I’ve installed Genie but the extension icon is just grey.

If the Genie extension icon is greyed out, it means that we were unable to find any offer codes for that particular retailer or site you’re on. To confirm this, you can click on Genie’s icon 🖱 and a popout window will appear:

Got another question about Gener8 Genie? Get in touch with us at [email protected] 📧

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