You can use your Gener8 points to redeem: exclusive offers with our brand partnerships, tech products, merchandise, or (if you're feeling generous) donate them to a good cause ✊.

You will need the correct number of points to redeem each item / offer.

⚑️ Exclusive Offers

To redeem an exclusive offer, click on the desired product πŸ–±

Make sure you review the description and T&C's before you click "Buy Now" πŸ‘Œ.

πŸŽ‰ Products

For higher value items such as tech products and gift cards, you will need to wait for the countdown timer to reach '0 seconds' before clicking "Buy Now".

Make sure you're ready for when the timer times out! ⏳ 😎

πŸš€ Auctions

The idea behind auctions is to give people a chance to choose how many points they’re willing to use to redeem an item. The products are up on Marketplace for a predetermined amount of time, with a countdown timer to let you know how long you have left to beat the highest bid (and to build suspense)⏳.

Once you've won the bidding war, you just need to follow the prompts to purchase your well-deserved reward πŸŽ‰.

πŸ‘ Support a Cause

Each month, we choose three awesome charities to feature on the Gener8 Marketplace. You can donate your points to a chosen charity by simply going to the Gener8 Marketplace ➑️ Support a Cause ➑️ Select a charity ➑️ Click 'Donate Now'!

Top tip: Make sure your profile details are 100% complete with your mobile number (to verify the purchase with), email address (the one you registered to Gener8 with), and the correct home address - we wouldn't want to send your new reward to the wrong place!

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