There are a few ways you can Gener8 points at a quicker rate:

💯 Make sure you've completed your preferences!

Complete your preferences and receive 10 bonus points! 👌

👋 Invite your friends to join Gener8

Help us spread the word! You'll receive a bonus of 50 points when your first friend becomes verified and 10 points for every friend after that. (Your friend gets 10 points for using your link too 👌 ).

📣 Give us a shout out on social media or leave us a review

Whether you've just signed up or you want to show off your latest reward, you can earn an extra 50 points for your first social share on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram 🎉. Make sure you use our hashtag #Gener8 and tag us @Gener8Ads!

The more creative, the better! 🙌

🗂 Open a new tab on Gener8 Tabs

Want to reach your daily point limit faster? It can be as simple as opening a new tab (and checking out our awesome content collaborators on Gener8 Tabs) 👌.

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