We are currently experiencing some problems with the Gener8 Browser installer for Windows which our team is currently working on as a priority.

But to get this sorted faster we need your help to debug the issue across different machines. We would be forever grateful if you could give us a hand if you could follow the below instructions and report back to us on live chat or [email protected].

Step 1: Download the debug pack from https://downloads.gener8ads.com/windows/debug/Gener8DebugPack.zip

Step 2: Clicking the link will download the file, and it should pop-up at the bottom left of your browser window. Click the down arrow next to the file, and choose the option 'Show in folder'.

Step 3: In the file explorer window that opens up, right-click the new file and select 'Extract All...'

Step 4: A window will pop-up asking you where to extract the file, copy & paste this path into the box: C:\Gener8DebugPack and make sure that the checkbox 'Show extracted files when complete' is checked.

Step 5: Click the 'Extract' button.

Step 6: In the new window that opens up, you'll see 3 files:
1. Gener8Log - this file will contain any errors that occur, and this is the file we'd like you to email to us.
2. Gener8Update - this file simply tells the installer how thoroughly it needs to log it's error data
3. Gener8BrowserSetupDebug - this is the installer that will tell us more about any errors that you encounter.

Step 7: Please run Gener8BrowserSetupDebug and take a screenshot of the error that you encounter, if any.

Step 8: Please add the file Gener8Log to us on live chat, or provide it to us via email at [email protected].

Thank you so much for going the extra mile for us! We hope to have this problem sorted out in short order!

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