For discounts and promotions offered by brands, these will be available to redeem using your points that you have accumulated in your browsing wallet. To purchase these, click on the desired promotion and review the description/ T&C's before you click "Buy Now". You will need the correct number of points in your wallet to redeem.

For the higher value items such as the physical tech products, branded merch and gift vouchers, you will need to wait for the countdown timer to reach "0 seconds" before clicking "Buy Now". These products are more limited in quantity so make sure to be ready for when the timer times out! 😎

As a tip: Make sure your profile details are 100% completed with your mobile number (to verify the purchase with), email address (associated to your profile) and the correct home address. We wouldn't want to send your new speaker to the wrong place!

If you have been successful, your order will now be visible in your "Orders". To locate your orders, simply log in and select "Orders" from the drop down menu that appears under your user name at the top of the page. You will find the voucher code and information located here 😎🙌🏻

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